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Eco-friendly Destinations in Ecuador

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Sustainable tourism in Ecuador is continually increasing, with lots of eco friendly hotels and lodges around. There are so many places like this that it is even possible to take eco-friendly tours in Ecuador, staying at places that focus on sustainable tourism and conservation efforts. Smart business owners understand that many of the reasons that travelers visit Ecuador are related to the environment that they get to visit, and equally that it is right to protect the environment for future generations. Tourists and locals want to see an array of animals in the rainforest, or a diversity of bird life in the cloud forest. The best way to achieve this is to focus on eco- friendliness so that the environment people come to visit is not destroyed. This is great news for both eco-tourism and the environment in Ecuador. Here are some eco-friendly hotels and lodges you might have an interest in visiting.



Eco-Friendly Lodges in the Forest

Set in the Choco-Andean forest in Ecuador, Mashpi Lodge is often considered one of the most eco friendly lodges in Ecuador, and it has this reputation with good reason. While it is extremely luxurious, it has been built to blend in with the forest surrounding it, and the owners continue to buy more land to avoid land being converted to damaging uses for the ecosystem, such as logging. Great efforts were made to avoid disrupting the forest when the hotel was being built, and conservation efforts are still underway today. While staying at Mashpi Lodge, guests enjoy the feeling of being in the canopy, brought about by the clever use of windows at this eco-friendly hotel.

In the cloud forest area of Ecuador in Mindo, El Monte Sustainable Lodge offers a unique eco-lodge experience in Ecuador. The lodge has a strong environmental philosophy and it aims to protect the forest, ensuring that tourism is low impact. In particular only a small number of guests can stay here, and this helps to reduce the environmental impact of this Ecuador eco-hotel. To reduce the environmental impact further, the food here is mostly vegetarian, and the hotel will not serve beef at all due to the fact that this is very inefficient to produce and has led to the destruction of tropical forests.

Meanwhile, in the Amazon, visitors might like to visit La Selva, an Amazon eco-lodge and spa. It is located in one of the most biodiverse places in the world, and is considered to be a premium eco lodge in Ecuador. Tourism is conducted in a manner that is considered eco-friendly and sustainable, and all interactions, whether with local people or wildlife aim to be responsible. With local communities, the goal is that the relationship with the lodge is mutually beneficial. Aside from anything else, this is a lovely place to stay, set as it is on Lake Garzacocha. Here you can enjoy birdwatching, or watching the local wildlife going about its business as you relax with a cold drink.



Eco-Friendly Lodges at the Coast

If you want to extend your eco-friendly tour of Ecuador to the coastal region, you might consider visiting Rio Muchacho organic farm and eco-lodge. This 10 hectare organic farm is located close to Canoa. The eco-lodge focuses on sustainable agriculture and offers courses in this regard. It also produces its own organic food, which you will be fed with if you stay at this destination. All of the accommodation is built from materials that were sourced locally, to reduce the environmental impact of the building. A stay at this place can also be educational, as lessons are offered in sustainable agriculture and permaculture, as well as in other subjects like Spanish.



Eco-Friendly Lodges in the Galapagos Islands

If you are looking for an eco-friendly destination in the Galapagos Islands, Galapagos Habitat (formerly called the Red Mangrove Hotel) is regularly recommended in this regard. This is a good option for those that want a Galapagos land-based trip. It is also possible to go on diving trips from the hotel as well. The hotel describes itself as an ecological experience, and it feels completely removed from Puerto Ayora, even though it is technically in this town. The design is blended well with the local scenery too, and guests can enjoy the mangrove ecosystem here.

Another eco-friendly hotel in the Galapagos Islands is the aptly-named “Galapagos Eco Friendly”, a hotel that has been certified by the Ministry of Tourism in Ecuador as one which is green. The hotel is located on San Cristobal Island, close to Puerto Baquerizo Moreno. This place promotes ethical tourism, focusing on tourists having a minimal environmental impact on their surroundings, while enriching their visit to the Galapagos Islands. The owners have a passion for the environment and want to share this with both visitors and locals.

By Ecuador & Galapagos Insiders
By Ecuador & Galapagos Insiders
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