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Ecuador Customized Trips - Quito

Quito, the capital of Ecuador. First city in the country to be declared UNESCO patrimony of humanity. The lovely old town and the famous Equator monument are just some of the sites you can visit here. Accommodation is available in all categories and it is also possible to stay close to the airport if you just have a night between flights, it is the common start point for Galapagos trips as well as for customized Ecuadorian tours and trips to the Amazon rainforest.


Ecuador Customized Trips - Otavalo

House to the biggest indigenous market in the country and in South America. Is not hard to see local people in their traditional costumes in the streets. In this area you can find many historical haciendas for a charming overnight stay, and also homestays to get a deeper customed experience of the local culture with the community of Otavalo, make your Ecuador custom tour unique by also visiting the surrounding villages and sites close to this town!


Ecuador Customized Trips - Cotopaxi

A must site to include in your personalized Ecuador trip. The highest active volcano on earth, just an hour and a half away from Quito. Here you can do trekking, mountain biking, horseback riding and camping. The Cotopaxi Park is surrounded by several of the most important haciendas of the country where you can have a comfortable night in the Andes of Ecuador with a warm bonfire for you!


Ecuador Customized Trips - Quilotoa

This amazing crater lake is one of the highlights of the Andes, and we recommend including it in your Ecuador custom vacation, the huge lagoon changes its color with the weather, on clear days you can see most of the Andes mountain range from the top, the views of the mountains are just breathtaking! There are a couple of options for lodging and great chances for cultural encounters. Also ask us for the various small towns that make the Quilotoa loop.


Ecuador Customized Trips - Baños

Perfect little town for adventure and for enjoying nature. It also has many local spas where you can get a nice and relaxing massage at any time A couple of days here are perfect to connet with nature. You can personalize your itinerary to include this visit. The town has all kinds of hotels, from hostels for backpackers to nice five-star resorts, it is also a common entrance point to the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador.


Ecuador Customized Trips - Riobamba

The closest town to get to Chimborazo mountain. A mid point of most Ecuador customized trips between Quito and Cuenca, from here you can visit the highest mountain in the country, the Devil’s nose train, and the indigenous towns in the surroundings areas. It is also possible to visit authentic Indigenous markets of the Andes. Great lodges and hystorical haciendas are ready to welcome you!


Ecuador Customized Trips - Cuenca

Beautiful colonial city located in the south of the country. Surrounded by villages famous for avid artisans and the amazing Cajas national park. Perfect place for culture lovers. Cuenca is the third biggest city of Ecuador and part of an ideal custom tour of the country, this is a city which is full of art and well kept traditions. Great place to spend a couple of days after your Galapagos trip. Ask us for the villages surrounding Cuenca.


Ecuador Customized Trips - Mindo

The heart of the cloudforest and paradise for birdwatchers. This subtropical town has many waterfalls where you can do outdoor sports. You can experience the process of making artisan chocolate and visit the butterflies farms. There are many options for lodging with specific programs. Also check out our cloudforest lodges which can be included in your Ecuador Tailor Made Tour.


Ecuador Customized Trips - Papallacta

On the edge of the cloudforest, known as the hot springs town. A fine way to end your customized Ecuador holiday in the peace of the forest. There are just a couple of places to spend the night here, but the service is always first class! Several spa treatments are available at the Hot Springs resort.


Ecuador Customized Trips - Guayaquil

The biggest city of Ecuador, located on the coast region is perfect to end a mainland custom tour with a connection to the Galapagos islands or an international flight. City tours are available to discover the history of the city. There are several options for accommodation in all categories. Guayaquil’s airport is international and connects with most destinations.

Puerto Lopez

Ecuador Customized Trips - Puerto Lopez

Galapagos poor’s men destination. Not only an amazing and warm beach but also the Machalilla national park and the many wildlife species that bring the resemblance with the archipelago. Whale watching tours are available during the season and the daily excursions to Isla de la Plata are perfect to enjoy nature and relax!

Galapagos and Amazon

Ecuador Customized Trips - Galapagos and Amazon

You can also include the magical Galapagos islands and the amazing Amazon rainforest into your custom Ecuador trip, just let us know which of our programs fit you best and we will be happy to combine it with your Ecuador mainland trip, all in one authentic personalized Ecuador holiday for you!

San Clemente

Private Tours Ecuador - San Clemente

Located in the province of Imbabura north of Quito, the community of San Clemente is a must visit destination for all of those looking for a rural, and local community experience as part of their private personalized tour of Ecuador. Spend time with the local community, work the land with them, and share by staying at their home-stays. An off the beaten path site you do not want to miss.


Private customized tours Ecuador

Located in the heart of the Ecuadorian Andes, this small indigenous town captures the essence of the local Andean traditions, with its community projects and local school; there is no better way to learn at first-hand about their local customs. If community tourism and off the beaten track sites are your thing, do not forget to include Guamote on your Ecuador private tour!


Private tours of Ecuador

This small town located in the southern region of Ecuador is also known as the valley of longevity, many foreigners have settled down in this town after falling in love with its mountains, clean air, and kindness of its people, an ideal place to rest and relax; if you are planning a private and personalized tour of Ecuador, do consider including Vilcabamba on your trip!


Private personalized tours Ecuador

Tena is the capital of the Napo Province, it is considered to be the entrance to the Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador, crossed by various incredible rivers, this town offers all its visitors adventure sports like rafting, kayaking or trekking. Besides that, Tena is home to various Indigenous communities, which you can visit during your personalized private tour of Ecuador.

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