The company ECUADOR AND GALAPAGOS INSIDERS CORP. In order to book a tour in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands will require personal information about each traveler - we will use this information to issue your tickets and travel vouchers, but at no time will it be shared, loaned or sold to any other third party.

These TERMS & CONDITIONS apply to all the reservations you make through us. It is the client's responsibility to read them before booking. When you agree to book with us you are accepting all it states here, not signature needed.


- Provide the best OPERATORS in the market relative to the established price.

- Provide all of the necessary information that YOU will require about your contracted travel tour or package.

- Provide YOU with all the tickets and vouchers required for your participation on the tour of your choice.

- Contact YOUR family, insurance company and / or embassy in case of accident caused by acts of providence or force majeure. GALAPAGOS INSIDERS will not be held responsible for injuries, death or any other damage caused under any circumstances by you.


- Have clearly understood and accepted the social risks that travel inside of Ecuador and Galapagos implies, and the risks that exist in the practice of extreme sports including but not restricted to mountain biking, rafting / tubing, climbing, mountain sports, trekking, camping, rappelling / canopy, horse-riding, snorkeling, diving and any other activity or sport where there is contact with nature. YOU also clearly understand the risks of injury associated with force majeure or acts of providence such as wars, internal commotion, protests / strikes, terrorism, fire, natural disasters, public authority decisions, international commotion, or any other extreme circumstances, and accept that GALAPAGOS INSIDERS will not be responsible for loss, injury or damage to any person or property for any of the above causes.

- YOU will when possible hold valid travel insurance up to the end date of the tour contracted, against personal accidents and medical expenses during your trip to Ecuador, trip cancellation and baggage insurance to protect your travel investment.

- YOU will have all immigration documents in order according to Ecuadorian law, and will communicate GALAPAGOS INSIDERS of any kind of special food requirements, disability or sickness that exists at the time of travel.


Deposit and confirmation of Tour

Your reservation is confirmed by GALAPAGOS INSIDERS only after receipt of a 30% to 40% deposit payment (depending on the tour of your choice) which must be received within maximun 1 week (7 days) of the original booking. In cases where a reservation is made less than 61 days prior to trip departure then full tour payment is required within 1 week of the original booking. In cases when GALAPAGOS INSIDERS has a hold for you at a cruise of your choice, the original down payment will be required before the expiration date of the hold we will have for you.


FULL PAYMENT: The full balance of the tour fare must be paid no later than 60 days prior to the departure date otherwise GALAPAGOS INSIDERS may treat the booking as being cancelled by YOU.

GALAPAGOS INSIDERS reserves the right to change the price of a tour without prior notice in the event of any price increase beyond their control including changes to government taxes, and changes to published flight prices.

Tour Cancellation

Any cancellations made by YOU must be made in writing and will only be effective once the agency is in receipt of the written document.

● If your cancellation is received 121 days or more before the starting date of the trip, YOU will forfeit the amount paid up to that date.

● If your cancellation is received less than 60 days before the start date of the contracted trip, YOU will forfeit 100% of the total tour value. GALAPAGOS INSIDERS will provide timely all information required by your Travel Insurance company in the event that you are requesting a refund through the company of your choice.

Tour Alteration

GALAPAGOS INSIDERS reserves the right to cancel or modify the tour itinerary due to force majeure or acts of providence such as wars, internal commotion, or international commotion, protests / strikes, terrorism, fire, natural disasters, public authority decisions, or any other extreme circumstances; this may include substitution with comparable yachts, guides, hotels, transportation, meals, sightseeing destinations given the case.

Complaints procedure and refunds

If YOU experience a problem during the tour then you have to inform GALAPAGOS INSIDERS immediately and in writing – only complaints that are brought to the attention of GALAPAGOS INSIDERS within a maximum period of two weeks after finishing the tour will be handled.

GALAPAGOS INSIDERS will act as an intermediary in negotiating refunds with THE OPERATOR on YOUR behalf. In no case GALAPAGOS INSIDERS can guarantee a successful response or refund from THE TOUR OPERATOR.

GALAPAGOS INSIDERS will not be responsible for giving refunds in any of the following situations:

- Changes to itinerary before or after departure.

- Mechanical issues affecting any form of transportation on the trip.

- Substitution of facilities or personnel.

- Late arrival or no-show.

- Your decision to leave the tour early or miss any activities / meals / accommodations during the tour.

- Your decision to not take place on a contracted trip regardless of the situation causing that decision.

- YOU travelling without necessary documentation including passport, visas, immigration papers or vaccination certificates required.

- YOU not being able to arrive at the starting point of the tour contracted.

- Any other circumstances on your tour or before arising beyond GALAPAGOS INSIDERS control.

Special Covid 19 Policies

If you are not able to travel due to Covid related restrictions including the following: Travel bans to exit your country or to enter Ecuador, borders closing in your country or in Ecuador, which might not allow you to enter Ecuador mainland and the Galapagos Islands, impose of quarantine for arriving visitors in Ecuador, you will have the option to reschedule your complete itinerary including all services hired for any future date up until December 2023, depending on the new date of your preference there might be a fare parity as different dates apply different rates especially for 2023 dates, but you will not lose any of your funds paid as those will be applied towards your new tour dates. In order to be granted this option we would need to be notified that you will not be able to travel by writing and with details on the impediment to travel to Ecuador, and the owners of your particular cruise will first verify the ban or restriction that would in that case prevent you from arriving for your trip. Same conditions apply for hotels and lodges tours.

Note that refunds are no possible under any circunstance, the only options offered are reschedules of your dates of travel (if applicable), the reason why is because Galapagos Insiders will already make all payments for your trips to the different operators involved, and thus Galapagos Insiders is subject to the policies of the different cruises, hotels and operators involved making it impossible for us to provide refunds.

Please note that these policies apply in case of Covid related issues described above only, if you need or decide to cancel due to a personal reason or circumstance not related to Travel bans to exit your country or to enter Ecuador, borders closing in your country or in Ecuador which might not allow you to enter Ecuador mainland and the Galapagos Islands, impose of quarantine for arriving visitors in Ecuador, but based on recommendations from goverments or institutions, fear of travel, and you notify us 60 days or less from your tour, we would recommend you having travel insurance to protect your funds, as in that hypothetical case we would always speak to the different services to try to offer you the best possible options, however, the policies of most cruises state that it is not possible to offer a reschedule of dates based on a personal circumstance or on a personal decision to not take a trip already confirmed, in which case cruises and local tours apply their regular cancellation policies.

In case you decide to purchase travel insurance, quite a few past clients have used ¨Allianz¨, ¨World Nomads¨ as well as ¨Travel Guard¨ which all seem to be very good, there are also many other specialized insurance companies. Our company will always be happy to provide any documentation necessary for our clients to work with their travel insurance when and if needed.

Ecuador and Galapagos Insiders