Sample Itineraries at Mashpi Lodge Ecuador

Mashpi Lodge doesn’t have set itineraries. Being a luxury lodge, the idea is that you meet with your naturalist guide during an orientation to plan what you would like to do based on your interests. Hiking through the cloud forest to isolated waterfalls, visiting the butterfly farm, going for a ride on the Skybike, and climbing to the top of the observation tower are just a few of the activities that you can do while relaxing and exploring the Mashpi Reserve.

Main Activities at Mashpi Lodge

Mashpi Sky Bike

The Sky Bike at Mashpi Lodge is a fun way to explore the Mashpi Reserve. Spanning 200 meters, (almost 700 ft.) across a gorge with rushing rivers below, one person pedals along a cable while the other sits in front. It’s a thrilling ride that opens up the territory beyond the treetops and puts you in the middle of the natural wonders of the cloud forest. Guests can start and stop at their leisure, taking time to marvel at the view in the distance while keeping a lookout for birds and creatures of the reserve in the tree tops below. It´s one of the innovative ways in which this cloud forest lodge in Ecuador is raising the bar for all visitors to Mashpi.

Hummingbird Garden

There are 30 species of hummingbirds spotted to date within the Mashpi Lodge’s reserve, and 19 of these are found in the Hummingbird Garden. Located 15-minutes by car from the lodge, or by traversing a 4 kilometer (2.4 miles) trail that is one of the longest, but easiest as far as terrain, in the reserve. Once at the garden, dazzling hummingbirds zip back and forth between feeders, vying for position with others and suspending themselves in mid-air to feed before flying off for higher ground-only to return again. Violet-Tailed Sylphs, Purple-Crowned Fairies, and Green-Crowned Wood Nymphs are a few of the species that hang out in the area. This activity is a photographer’s dream-as the natural setting and the brilliant colors of the quick-moving birds are easy to capture when feeding.

Dragonfly Cable Car

The Dragon Fly Cable car is another one of Mashpi Lodge’s innovations. The network of six towers spanning 500 meters / 1,640 feet a piece takes you high over the reserve’s canopy, rivers, and waterfalls. Two main stations let you traverse back from hikes after swimming below waters, exploring trails in search of wildlife, and discovering the over 200 species of orchids found in the Mashpi Reserve. For bird watchers, eagle-eyed guides can stop the gondola to point out the toucans, cock of the rock, and the long-wattled umbrella bird. Other creatures that can be seen in the surroundings of Mashpi Lodge include howler monkeys - seen traversing the treetops in groups from the Dragonfly. The landscapes you can get to see of the Mashpi reserve are just breathtaking.

Life Center at Mashpi

The life center, close to the luxury lodge - is part of the Mashpi Lodge research center, and it is also and an observation point where the birds of the reserve are seen in the nearby tundra from a charming deck where refreshments are served. The center’s research revolves around the hundreds of species of butterflies that are found in Mashpi. A dozen of the 50 species that the center has successfully bred are found here, they are only a fraction of the 300 or so found within Mashpi’s borders. Interactive activities for kids give them a chance to play scientist, using the tools of the trade and learning about the methods involved to identify and categorize the butterflies and moths of the region, a must have experience during your trip to Mashpi lodge.

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