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Best Amazon Rainforest Tours and Lodges

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After a year when travel has been curtailed for many for so long, people are excited for the adventure opportunities that this year brings brings. In this year visiting Ecuador’s Amazon rainforest lodges and expeditions is likely to be more popular than ever. Teeming with a mind-boggling diversity of birds, animals and plant life, visiting the Ecuadorian Amazon is a once in a lifetime opportunity. What better way to get re-started with travel than to explore this weird and wonderful environment? So, which are the main and best places to visit in Ecuador’s Amazon rainforest this year? Here are our top pics for lodges and expeditions in this region:


Sacha Lodge

Sacha Lodge is a fabulous place from which to enjoy the delights that Ecuador’s Amazon rainforest region has to offer. Features at this luxurious lodge include an amazing canopy walkway from which to gain a bird’s eye view of your jungle surroundings. This is a real highlight of a visit to Sacha Lodge. Tours to the lodge run for four days and three nights or five days and four nights. Whichever you choose you are sure to enjoy the superb opportunities for bird watching, wildlife spotting and canoe riding as well as hiking in the jungle. Sacha Lodge is not to be missed.

Napo Wildlife Center

One of the features of Napo Wildlife Center which makes it very special and worthy of a visit, is the fact that it is run by a local indigenous community (Kichwa Anangu). Set deep in the Yasuni National Park there are opportunities to spot a very diverse array of wildlife at this lodge. This eco-tourism establishment offers a variety of activity possibilities during your stay. For example, you may choose to visit the canopy observation tower where the guides can share their knowledge about the different unusual species here. Community visits are also a highlight that many enjoy, while rainforest hikes and visits to parrot licks can enable you to explore more of the jungle on your Rainforest adventure.



La Selva Lodge

Yet another superb lodge on our list for Ecuador Amazon adventures this year, La Selva also offers luxury in the jungle. The lodge is located close to the Yasuni National Park and it can be found closest to the wonderful clay lick there. A visit to the La Selva Lodge can be organized for either four or five days and activities on the itinerary include rainforest hiking, community cultural encounters, exploring the Amazon and clay lick and of course, wildlife and birdlife spotting. This lodge is the best option if you are looking for a relaxing stay surrounded by the magical Amazon Rainforest. 

 Itamandi Lodge

For those short on time and seeking an Ecuador jungle experience this year that is not too far to travel, Itamandi Lodge makes for a splendid choice. While only four hours by road from Quito, and a short canoe ride too, a visit to Itamandi Lodge presents an opportunity to experience dense Amazon without having to travel too far to do so. Providing a first class stay, the lodge is well designed and has lovely rooms and open-air facilities including a pool. It is possible to stay for either three or four days at the lodge. Activities feature night walks, a visit to a Kichwa community to learn about the traditional ways of life, bird watching at a clay lick and the chance to visit a rescue center for Amazon fauna. This place really is special and unique and is a great add-on to your Ecuador vacation.

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Anakonda Cruise

Cruises in Ecuador’s Amazon rainforest are a possibility too, and one of the best is Anakonda Cruise. The vessel offers a luxury way to see a greater range of what the Ecuadorian jungle has to offer in just a few days. Itineraries are offered that cover 4, 5 or 8 days and include visits to clay licks, to local communities and to observe the birdlife and wildlife, either by foot or in canoes. The naturalist tour leaders are extremely knowledgeable, and the accommodation is very comfortable. Some of the suites even have their own hot tub! What are you waiting for?

Manatee Cruise

Cruises of the Ecuador Amazon rainforest are also offered by Manatee Cruise for a first class experience of the jungle. Activities offered are similar to those of Anakonda Cruise and include walking, bird, and wildlife observation, kayaking and swimming. Even during your down time from activities you’ll love the stupendous jungle views to be taken in as the boat glides down the river to the next destination. Cabins are very comfortable, and the deluxe suites boast massage showers. The crew is highly experienced and will help you enjoy the best of your jungle visit whether it’s at a clay lick, on a night walk, or visiting a local indigenous community. Cruises run for 4, 5 or 8 days.




Ecuador and Galapagos Insiders Amazon Expeditions

In addition to visits to specific lodges, we offer can offer customized Amazon expeditions that take in the sights and activities you want to include. One such expedition is our Amazon Rainforest Kayaking Trip, or for those that to really experience the unique, why not take our Huaorani Expedition, staying with a tribe that has just 3,000 individuals and learning about their traditional customs. This truly is a unique adventure. Other options include our exciting Galapagos Islands and Amazon Kayaking adventure, providing you the chance to combine a trip to these two amazing destinations for your convenience.

Our Insiders Recommendations for the Ecuador Amazon rainforest lodges and expeditions include making sure that you check out our Amazon packing list to help you get ready for your trip. This will help make sure you bring everything you need. Get in touch with us to get your Ecuador Amazon Rainforest Lodge or expedition trip sorted today.

By Ecuador & Galapagos Insiders
By Ecuador & Galapagos Insiders
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