Napo Wildlife Center offers itineraries of 4 and 5 days

Day 1 - Amazon arrival day and hike

In order to reach your Ecuador Amazon Lodge, you will be departing from Quito, a 30-minute flight over the eastern Andes will take you to the jungle town of Coca. There, members of our staff will be waiting for you and take you to the port, here is where the real Amazon adventure begins! You will get on a motorized canoe downstream the Napo River, the major tributary of the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador, you will have the chance to see different birds and admire the incredible views of the Ecuador Amazon jungle. After our ride along the river, you will arrive at the NWC’s dock entrance, we will continue our way to the Napo lodge on paddle- canoes, we will arrive to the Napo Wildlife Center lodge where our staff will welcome you with drinks and show you to your rooms and other areas of the lodge.

Day 2 - Observation tower and canoe ride

After an early breakfast at the Amazon lodge, we will visit the Canopy Tower, an experience like any other! The tower is about 30 minutes away from the lodge within the rainforest. This 36 meters wooden platform offers you a 360 degrees view of the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador., Great chances to look at colorful birds such as macaws, toucans, and even some monkey species as the Spider or Howler Monkeys that feed up with the fruits from nearby trees. In the afternoon we will go hiking through a marvelous terra-firme forest. You will learn about the local flora on the trail, vines, ancient trees, orchids, bromeliads and more. We will also explore the waters of the surrounding creeks where you will have the chance to run into a Giant otter family.

Day 3 - Parrot Clay Lick and Local Community

Early in the morning we will visit the parrot clay licks of the Yasuni Park. Once you get there, hundreds of parrots such as the Amazon-Mealy and the blue-headed Parrot; parakeets and macaws will be easily seen, they come to feed from the minerals and salts that the soil contains. After this visit, we will spend time with the local people of the Kichwa Anangu community, learning about their daily life activities, routines and ancestral customs and traditions. In the afternoon, women from the community will welcome you with dances and typical rituals and drinks as “chicha”. It is a cultural activity that will allow you to learn more about their way of living. We will then make our way back to our Amazon rainforest lodge to relax, from here you will be able to see thousands of stars at nigh through the clear skies.

Day 4 - Amazon hiking and Wildlife

On this morning we will explore the forest trails of the Ecuadorian Amazon jungle to search for more wildlife species such as monkeys, birds, rare insects, reptiles, mammals, etc. The Yasuní National Park is one of the most diverse areas in the World, so you never know which jungle creature will show up! After a long walk we will go back to the Napo lodge for lunch and rest in the social areas and rooms. In the afternoon, we will continue the Amazon adventure at the Napo surrounding creeks to look for species such as caimans, turtles, fish or the endemic Giant otters, a unique specie of the Amazon rainforest. Back at the lodge our staff members will share with you a video about Napo Wildlife Center Lodge and the Kichwa Añangu Community’s history before a night walk.

Day 5 - Return to Coca

On your last day at the lodge our staff members will prepare a special farewell breakfast early in the morning. Then, you will go back by paddle-canoe ride to the NWC welcome area and from there navigate on the Napo River upstream to reach the jungle town of Coca, we will have a yummy snack for you on the way, where you will get the last views of the deep Amazon rainforest with chances for great pictures, and the last wildlife encounters. Once at Coca, we will drop you off at the airport on time for your flight back to Quito. You will be landing back in Quito early in the afternoon. Join this magnificent jungle adventure at this unique Ecuador Amazon Lodge, Napo Wildlife Center awaits you!
4 Days5 Days
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