Anakonda Rainforest Cruise offers itineraries for 4 - 5 & 8 days

Day 1 - Arrival day Anakonda Amazon Cruise

Following departure from Quito, we take a 30-minute flight to the borderline town of Coca. We will first visit the dock to board a motorized canoe and sail for 1 hour as we embark on the Anakonda Amazon Cruise. While enjoying the Amazon rainforest cruise, we savor the breathtaking views of the banks and landscape of the magnificent Napo River as we sail downstream. After the sunset, an evening walk is arranged for us to explore the night activity of the Amazon Rainforest and pay attention to the unending voices of Mother Nature, a great way to start off our Anakonda river boat trip.

Day 2 - A Visit to the Panacocha Forest

While in the Amazon Rainforest, we sail to the delta of the Panayacu River; embark on an Anakonda river boat to enjoy the wonderful views of the amazing reserve. We look out for Common Squirrel Monkeys, Pink River Dolphins, and other Amazon creatures as we cruise. Also called Piranha Lake in Quechua, Panacocha is an ecosystem dominated by white waters. The rivers and lakes are inhabited by the notorious Piranha, White Caiman, and the Water Monkey Fish (Arawana). After the brave-hearted have swum, everybody takes delight in the tasty Amazon-style BBQ meal and beverages at the camping site close-by.

Day 3 - Clay Lick and Yasuni National Park

We take breakfast on board and head over to one of the most spectacular features that are gracing the horizon of the western Ecuador Amazon rainforest called parrot licks. Parrot licks are amazing and special pools of mud with abundant minerals that have become the homes of parakeets, parrots and amazons. Once we are done with lunch, our Ecuador Amazon cruise takes us to the Yakukawsay Kichwa Interpretation Centre. Based on accessibility, weather conditions, and river water levels, we call it a day with a majestic evening walk through the Amazon rainforest.

Day 4 - Explore the Indillama River

On the fourth day, we kayak through Indillama which is one of the outflows of the Napo River that runs into the Yasuni National Park. Kayaks offer a great opportunity for wildlife observation as the silent vehicles run down the river. You can equally decide to take an Anakonda river boat and take your time to enjoy a better sight of the wildlife found around the Napo River. The choice is all yours. Even if you want to stay on board and make use of its state-of-the-art facilities, that is also a possibility, relax on the deck, the social areas or at your comfortable room.

Day 5 - Deep Jungle Boarder with Peru

After enjoying a tasty breakfast, we get on land and start our first daylight intimate Amazon rainforest cruise. Here, we get to know more about how the animals and plants in the Ecuador Amazon rainforest relate as we continue to uncover the interesting biodiversity of Amazonia at every opportunity. Once we have lunch, we sail to one of the most unsullied and less toured areas of the Amazon rainforest, a habitat of the fabled pink river dolphin, anaconda, and black caiman. Only a canoe can be used in visiting this rich ecosystem and unraveling the magnificence of the beautiful forest.

Day 6 - A Visit to the Local Community

We take breakfast on board and journey to a school on the edge of the Napo River. Here, we are educated about the host community through interacting with children and understanding the education system of this distanced jungle community. We take lunch on board the M/V Anakonda, relax and sail upstream. A lecture and documentary screening will be provided, and depending on time, we learn and engage in the handicrafts of this region of the Amazon rainforest. In the afternoon, our Anakonda rainforest cruise takes us through one of the largest river islands found in the Napo River.

Day 7 - A Visit to Limoncocha Reserve

After breakfast in the morning, we go over to an observation tower that is 100-feet high and built against a giant kapok tree. Right from the zenith of this tower, we enjoy the amazing sight of the Ecuador Amazon rainforest, gracing over the treetops and the wonderful Amazon Basin. Later in the afternoon, we tour Limoncocha Biological Reserve till the evening when we can use our flashlights to see the black caiman. Our Ecuador Amazon cruise for the seventh day comes to an end as we return to the Anakonda for a delicious dinner.

Day 8 - Departure Day

On the final day of our Anakonda Amazon cruise, it is time we go back to Coca town. We take a tasty Amazon traditional breakfast to start our day. After saying our goodbyes to the crew and guides, we board the Anakonda river boat for a 2-hour journey to Coca. Take your camera along as you might want to take pictures of more wildlife as well as the picturesque landscapes of the Amazon rainforest. Finally, we promptly take you to the airport as you go back to Quito with unforgettable memories of this wonderful tour of your Amazon rainforest cruise.
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