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A 4-day trip to a Luxury Amazon Rainforest Lodge

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If you’re thinking about taking a luxury trip to an Amazon Rainforest Lodge in Ecuador, you might be wondering what the experience would be like and whether it is for you. Alexandra from our team at Ecuador and Galapagos Insiders recently visited a luxury Amazon Rainforest Lodge in Ecuador, taking a four-day trip there. She offers us the low down on her experience – everything from the activities, to the staff, transport, service, food and even the creepy crawlies! Read on to find out more!


My four-day experience to an Amazon Rainforest Lodge started from Coca. I took a flight there from Quito, rather than an overnight bus, so that my experience would be more comfortable and less tiring. I was met at the airport, and my guide transported me onwards to Sacha lodge. This required a transfer by canoe for a few hours, down the river, towards the lodge. I had been a bit worried that this part of the trip would be dull, but actually, it became one of the highlights for me. On the way, my guide was eager to point out all of the different wildlife we saw along the banks, including three different types of monkey and several bird species. We even saw a pink dolphin when we were approaching the lodge, which was amazing!

On arrival at the lodge we were greeted with big smiles and a delicious juice. After some time settling into our plush room, we were offered a snack, before heading back out on the canoe to do some exploring. We were delighted, after the journey to get a chance for a refreshing swim in the lake. I was anxious about the species that might be in the lake that might hurt me, but the guide explained that there was nothing that far out, and that we were perfectly safe. The water was cool, and a lovely contrast after the hot, jungle day. We watched the sunset before returning to the lodge for dinner. The lodge aimed to source the majority of its ingredients locally, and the food was fresh, healthy, tasty and hearty – a theme that continued for all the rest of our meals there.



The next day we took the boat again for a short trip along the river, to reach a hiking trail. We’d been provided with rubber boots for the walk, and I was glad of these, as it was very muddy. Our guide proved to be exceptionally knowledgeable about the tremendous range of foliage that surrounded us. We learned about the medicinal plants that are used by tribes. On our walk we saw a variety of bird species, a monkey, a frog, and a large spider. I am generally afraid of insects and spiders, and I was pleased that the guide handled the situation in a tactful and kind way, reassuring me. After a full morning’s activities, we returned to the lodge for a late lunch, and a rest, before setting out again in the afternoon for some piranha fishing along the river (unsuccessful!) and a lovely swim in the lake, again. Later that night we took a night walk to spot insects and frogs. With my newfound slightly lesser fear of insects I was actually able to enjoy it!

The next day, in the morning we visited a local community to learn more about local life, deep in the Amazon. Our guide enlightened us about ceremonies and traditions, and we saw how people live. It was interesting to learn that the way people go about daily life has not fundamentally changed. We also learned more about medicinal practices in the village, and got to visit a typical home, as well as the local school. It was all fascinating! After a box lunch, in the afternoon we travelled by boat again for one last swim in the lake, before caiman spotting on the way back. This seemed quite scary but once again, we were assured we were absolutely safe. Seeing those eyes glinting in the moonlight is an experience I will remember all of my life!



On the final morning we had an early start as we got up before dawn to go bird watching. Early in the day, in the hours around sun rise turned out to be an excellent time to spot colorful and interesting birds. A highlight was our visit to a clay lick, where we saw what seemed like hundreds of green parrots. There was a cacophony of lovely bird song. After breakfast, on our final departure from the lodge, we caught sight very briefly of an armadillo scuttling off into the bushes on the banks of the river, as we boarded our boat to return to Coca, and an equally enjoyable journey spotting wildlife, before saying goodbye to the Amazon.

Everything about our visit to the Ecuador Amazon Luxury Jungle Lodge was outstanding. The service was superb from start to finish, and we could not have asked for greater comfort, as the accommodation was delightful. While my biggest fear had been insects and insect bites, I found that the rooms had excellent screens and netting, and in fact keeping covered up and applying repellent put off any biters. My Insider recommendations for your trip to the Amazon would be to make sure you bring plenty of repellent, but also that you bring light, quick drying clothing that covers your arms and legs. It rains a bit, but this does not detract from the fun and adventure and having clothes that dry quick can really help in such a humid environment. Also, don’t forget a flashlight. The paths are well lit, but it is nice to have that extra level of light if you’ve got poor night vision, like me. You might want to check out this Amazon packing list.



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By Ecuador & Galapagos Insiders
By Ecuador & Galapagos Insiders
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