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Our Top-Rated Galapagos Hotels

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If you’re visiting the Galapagos Islands on a land-based tour you’ll want to choose a good hotel for your stay. We work with some of the loveliest hotels in the Galapagos Islands, including on Santa Cruz Island, San Cristobal Island, and Isabella Island.These are the three islands that land-based tours can best be organized from, allowing you to make the most of your trip and get to see the wildlife. There are fabulous options to suit everyone – from those that love a beach front setting and the sand between their toes at sunset, to those that want proximity to local restaurants and even to those that want to be surrounded by nature. Here are some of our top-rated Galapagos hotels for land-based tours, along with some highlights about their amenities, location, and facilities.

Some of our clients’ preferred options on Santa Cruz Island include the following amazing options:



Pikaia Lodge

if being immersed in nature is what you seek from your Galapagos trip, Pikaia Lodge is sure to please. Our clients rave about the location, on the edge of an extinct volcanic crater, with splendid views all around. The restaurant is fabulous, and the Ecuadorian fusion gastronomy delightful. The infinity pool has tremendous views across the island, unlike any other, and there is a gym and wellness center offering relaxing treatments. We find our clients like it so much that they don’t want to leave!




Ikala Hotel

sustainability is the name of the game at the Ikala Hotel, which draws on solar energy and energy efficient design. Guests here enjoy lovely harbor views from the rooftop bar and restaurant, and the convenience of being mere steps away from the town. There is air conditioning along with silent fans to keep you cool during the heat of the day. Where possible, amenities are sustainable. Rooms are spacious and comfy, with a modern feel to them. Our clients enjoy the oasis-like feel of this accommodation, and the addition of a swimming pool is a nice touch too.




Natural Habitat Hotel

this is another firm favorite with our clients. It strikes an excellent balance between being close to everything but quiet and private as well. The hotel has all the facilities you’d expect from a luxury place to stay including air-conditioning, mini fridge with drinks, slippers, and bathrobes and even a turn down service. Rooms have a delightful sea view. One of the things about Natural Habitat Hotel that sets it aside from other places to stay on Santa Cruz Island, is the proximity to the wildlife. In particular, our clients love that sea lions and marine iguanas may be found lazing around, close enough to view from the restaurant.

If you fancy having San Cristobal Island as your Galapagos base, there are some superb hotels here too. Two of the much-loved options that our clients always enjoy include:



Golden Bay Hotel

this hotel is very popular with our clients for its beautiful location on Golden Beach. Guests here enjoy the chance to get up close and personal with the Galapagos wildlife on the sand right in front of the hotel, where sea lions and blue footed boobies can often be spotted. Staying at this place allows you the chance to be close to all of the amenities of the town and nearby the airport while enjoying its splendid location, especially from the panoramic terrace. There is air conditioning and a swimming pool, and the MUYU restaurant serves local, delicious organic produce.




Casa Opuntia Hotel

this comfort class hotel works hard to preserve the local ecosystem and offers lovely service too. Rooms are tastefully furnished and well-appointed with air-conditioning, and good facilities. The garden restaurant is lovely, situated as it is on the waterfront with a lovely view to the sea. The pool offers the chance to cool off after trips to visitor sites, and the proximity to the services of the town is very convenient too. Our clients that stay here enjoy hearing the sounds of the wildlife from their rooms, including the sea lions.

If you’re planning to stay on Isabela Island, some of our top Galapagos hotels here, highly rated by our clients include the following:



Iguana Crossing Hotel

one of the best highlights of this place really is the marine iguanas, which can be seen on the beach and making their way to the nearby wildlife lagoon. Views from the rooms vary and include those that face the sea and those that face the Sierra Negra volcano. Rooms are tasteful, comfortable, and spacious, and guests benefit from air-conditioning, a flat screen TV, and a fridge mini bar, among other amenities. Our clients love the ocean front swimming pool and Jacuzzi, and the restaurant is very lovely too. The poolside terrace offers a relaxing ambience, and the service is outstanding.




Albemarle Hotel

centrally located, this hotel offers an ocean front setting and a good base from which to exploring the island. Our clients like the Mediterranean feel to the hotel, and they rave about the white sand beach on the doorstep too. There is a freshwater swimming pool, air conditioning, and lounge areas and hammocks for kicking back. Our clients rave about the service here, which is very good. The location is very convenient, and guests can access everything they need to very easily.




Scalesia Lodge

if you fancy a really unusual experience, how about glamping at Scalesia Lodge? Don’t be put off by the idea of a “tent” – the camping is really very comfortable, and you’ll get to enjoy the panoramic forest views too. Our clients always like this place, finding the magic of the location a truly wonderful bonus of their once-in-a-lifetime Galapagos experience. Here, you can truly kick back, immersed in nature at its finest.

Experts in Galapagos travel, Galapagos Insiders can help you organize your adventure to the archipelago to meet your specific needs. Why not get in touch with us today to see what we can do for you?


By Ecuador & Galapagos Insiders
By Ecuador & Galapagos Insiders
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