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Find the best destination guides for your trip to Ecuador Mainland including the Andes Highlands and the Pacific Coast.


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Latest Travel Tips & Posts

April 22, 2021

North Seymour Island, Galapagos

North Seymour Island location is a very central spot in the Galapagos Islands archipelago. It is close to Baltra Island and Santa Cruz Island...
April 8, 2021

Amazon Basin Wildlife – All the Main Species to See

If you’re planning a trip to the Amazon jungle in Ecuador, you might be wondering what species you might get to see there. Rest assured, the Amazon...
March 25, 2021

Tortuga Bay – Galapagos Islands

Tortuga Bay is a Galapagos Islands visitor site located on Santa Cruz Island, to thesouth side. This lovely beach is so named for its black sea turtles which nest here...
February 5, 2021

Best Islands in the Galapagos to see wildlife

When visitors are booking a Galapagos Islands trip, they are very eager to get it right. They want to book the best trip available to them, which gives them the...
January 25, 2021

Galapagos Nature and Wildlife during the Covid-19 Pandemic

One question that has arisen as a result of coronavirus is about the impact the pandemic has had on Galapagos nature and wildlife During the Covid-19 pandemic the Galapagos...
January 15, 2021

Guide to Organize a Galapagos Cruise Charter

While many visitors to the Galapagos Islands book on a Galapagos Islands cruise that is already running, others may want to book a Galapagos charter. It is our prediction that in 2021...
January 6, 2021

Best Galapagos Land Based Packages

In 2021 Galapagos hotel based packages offer fantastic opportunities to see the islands while staying the on land, in the comfort of a hotel. Not everyone wants a cruise, and there are definite advantages to being based in one or two places. Organizing a 2021 Galapagos land-based package...
December 23, 2020

Best Amazon Rainforest Tours and Lodges

After a year when travel has been curtailed for many for so long, people are excited for the adventure opportunities that 2021 brings. In 2021 visiting Ecuador’s Amazon rainforest lodges...
December 18, 2020

Galapagos Islands Covid Guide – December update

Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands are open for tourism and there is a sense of normalcy now as visitors are returning. We’ve been back up and running since August and have run a number of tours over that time, including trips to the Galapagos Islands, and tours all over Ecuador...
Ecuador and Galapagos Insiders