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Ecuador Mainland Pacific Coast

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Many visitors that come to Ecuador do not visit the coast, and that is a shame. The Ecuador coast line has many places to see, and visiting coastal towns of Ecuador gives a special insight into rural Ecuadorian life that you might not otherwise get on a visit to this South American nation. What’s more, Ecuador coast line places to see are often surrounded by lush green jungle or mangrove forests, making the Pacific coastline very pretty. If you enjoy sea food there are plenty of Ecuador coast line places to see where you can get good lobster, crab, shrimp and fish.

Given that Ecuador is on the Equator, and the towns on the coast are not at altitude, it can get pretty hot at the beach. Even if it is a cloudy day, the strong equatorial sun’s rays can make their way through the clouds, so don’t forget your sun screen. If you want to visit coastal towns in Ecuador and prefer cooler weather, then your best chance of this is between June and August when it can be a bit cooler.

Ecuador coast line places to see include Atacames, Mompiche, Canoa and La Ruta Del Sol, which is made up of a number of Ecuador coastal towns and beaches. Each will now be described in turn.



Atacames is a bustling beach town on the northern Pacific coast of Ecuador. If you enjoy beach towns that have a busy night life this might be the coastal town in Ecuador for you, as there is plenty going on after the sun goes down. There are some fun bartenders in kiosks along the beach. There is also lots of choice in terms of hotels and restaurants.


Mompiche is a quintessential fishing village which is very underdeveloped. The town and beach are pretty and unspoiled. There are just a few places to stay and eat, and it is important to be aware that most of these are basic. If you want to visit a typical coastal town of Ecuador this is a great choice, as there are opportunities for dolphin watching and mangrove visits, in addition to simply spending time on the beach or surfing. 




Busier than Mompiche, Canoa might be one of the best Ecuador coast line places to see if you want a chilled-out beach along with a bit of night life as well. Canoa has a range of different restaurants, though most are basic. There are chances to learn how to surf here and also combine this with yoga, for a lovely relaxing trip.

La Ruta Del Sol Ecuador

Ecuador’s coast line has plenty of places to see, but one of the nicest areas of coast is arguably along “La Ruta Del Sol” or in English, the Route of the Sun. La Ruta Del Sol starts in the port town of Manta and heads down along the Pacific Coast as far south as Salinas and beyond. Along this stretch of coast are some of the most beautiful beaches that Ecuador has to offer, including several in the Machalilla National Park.



Los Frailes

Los Frailes is one such beach. With stunning white sand and deep blue waters on a clear day, the beach is truly magnificent. It is located within the Machalilla National Park. One of the benefits of visiting this beach is that there is no town there, so it is not well visited. There is good snorkeling here, as well as a nice opportunity to build up a tan. Los Frailes is flanked by cliffs on either side, so there are some very pleasant walks to be had around here as well. We visit Los Frailes on our Pacific Adventure Tour.


Almost the opposite to Los Frailes, at least in terms of peace and quiet, is the bustling beach town of Montanita. Montanita is often visited as a part of a Ruta Del Sol trip. Over the past few decades, Montanita has developed enormously from being a small rural coastal settlement, to today being a hippy hang out, and a town known for its parties. It is a fun place to visit and a great place for surfing, with many surf competitions taking place here each year. It is possible to learn to surf at Montanita.




Puerto Lopez

Another important spot on La Ruta Del Sol is Puerto Lopez. Puerto Lopez is a village where fishing and tourism co-exist well together. The town is a lot more laid back than Montanita, and between the months of June to September it offers some excellent opportunities for whale watching to try and see humpback whales which visit the coast during this period. This is a good base from which to visit Los Frailes, or Isla de la Plata. The latter is often named the “Poor Man’s Galapagos Islands” as it is possible to see some birdlife from the Galapagos on these islands.

By Ecuador & Galapagos Insiders
By Ecuador & Galapagos Insiders
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