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Ecuador Family Friendly Destinations

Guide to visit Ecuador with kids
Traveling to Ecuador Highlands with kids
April 15, 2019
Nazca Booby Galapagos
The Galapagos Nazca Booby
April 23, 2019

Many people planning a vacation wonder if Ecuador family trips are a good idea. A common concern is whether Ecuador is family friendly or if there are enough Ecuador family friendly destinations to spend a week or two there. The reality is that there is lots to do for families in Ecuador all over the country, and an Ecuador family tour can allow you to have a range of fun and educational experiences in this country. Our Ecuador family travel guide covers everything you need to know about Ecuador family friendly destinations. The information is broken down into destinations in the highlands, rainforest and coast, to help you plan your Ecuador trip and learn about some of the places you could include on Ecuador family tours. 


Ecuador Highlands Family Travel


Baños has plenty to do and so it is a great location to include on your Ecuador family tour. For families that like outdoorsy activities, there is mountain biking, rafting, kayaking, hiking and visits to waterfalls. There is also a small but interesting zoo to visit, and of course, the famous hot springs after which the town is named. All of the family is sure to love the town of Baños.


Mindo is a great spot for Ecuador family trips. For children of all ages there is the chance to see a multitude of hummingbirds, or visit a butterfly farm, or even head to the frog concert. There are also trips that can be taken to splendid waterfalls. For older kids there are a wealth of exciting activities to enjoy, such as rafting, canyoning and tubing. There is even a place in Mindo where you can have a go at making your own chocolate, and ziplining for the courageous.

Cotopaxi National Park

Another good place to visit for an Ecuador family tour is the Cotopaxi National Park. In this area families can enjoy staying in the proximity of an active volcano, and plenty of outdoor activities too. Options include horseback riding, mountain biking, hiking up to the refuge of the volcano, around a lake, and birdwatching, among others. There is also a small museum at the southern entrance to the par, which provides an interesting insight to the park itself.


Family tours to Ecuador may want to take in Quito too. There are lots of different museums to visit here, for starters. You can take a ride on a cable car to get a tremendous view over the city, and visit interesting local markets, to get a taste of what life is like in Ecuador. You can also organize day trips out of the city to attractions such as the Papallacta hot springs, which all of the family is likely to love.



Ecuador Rainforest Family Travel


In the rainforest, Tena may be a good choice of location for Ecuador family travel. The town itself is not the reason for traveling here. Rather, there is plenty for the family to do in the surrounding area. You could take a trip to the Jumandi cave complex and enjoy caving and swimming, or visit Kichwa communities in the area. AmaZOOnica is well worth a visit, as it has animals in rehabilitation in a jungle reserve, and there are certainly some weird and wonderful resident creatures to keep children entertained. Around Tena there is also rafting and kayaking.

Coca and Around

Some families may like to visit a rainforest lodge. This can provide a fascinating and memorable experience for older children, so may be good to include on an Ecuador family tour. There are plenty of lodges to choose from, and the ones in the Coca area are among the best in Ecuador. Staying at a lodge generally involves a visit to a local community, jungle walks in the day and night time to spot the array of fascinating creatures and plants, and trips along the water to look for wildlife too. Some rainforest lodges also have canopy walks and towers, from which you can get a fantastic view across the jungle for miles around.


Ecuador Pacific Coast Family Travel

Puerto Lopez

In the summer months of June through September, you may well want to bring your kids to the coastal town of Puerto Lopez. During this time of year, the humpback whale makes its way to Ecuadorian waters, and it is possible to take whale watching trips to see this majestic creature breaching the water. This is an unforgettable experience for both children and adults alike. Ecuador family tours in Puerto Lopez might also include a visit to Isla de la Plata, otherwise known as the Poor Man’s Galapagos, where you can see some of the creatures that can also be found in the Galapagos archipelago. This aside, Puerto Lopez is very pleasant for a couple of days on the beach.


Salinas is another great spot for families with children. Salinas is a good coastal town to visit, as a lot of the coast has quite rough seas. However, here the water is somewhat more sheltered, so there will be a greater chance of children being able to play in the sea.




Insider Recommendations for your time in Ecuador and the best family friendly sites to visit

One of our Insider recommendations for an Ecuador family trip is to stay at a hacienda. These historic buildings are steeped in history, and offer historical and cultural insights into life in Ecuador. There is also often a lot to do around and about these places, such as horse riding, hiking, mountain biking and more. This aside, we also recommend a visit to the chocolate factory in Mindo – a fun and delicious visit for kids of all ages.

As Ecuador experts we can offer tailor made and customized tours to suit your exact vacation needs for your Ecuador family trip. Why not get in contact today to find out how we can help you, and we can design your Ecuador family tour to include all the activities your family loves – whatever your age range.

By Ecuador & Galapagos Insiders
By Ecuador & Galapagos Insiders
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