Amazon Rainforest tips and things to know before you travel

April 24, 2021
Amazon Rainforest Ecuador weather

Amazon Rainforest Monthly Weather and Temperatures

The weather in the Ecuador Amazon Basin doesn’t stick to a reliable set of standards...
April 8, 2021
Amazon wildlife species

Amazon Basin Wildlife – All the Main Species to See

If you’re planning a trip to the Amazon jungle in Ecuador, you might be wondering what species you might get to see there. Rest assured, the Amazon...
February 19, 2021
Amazon rainforest best time to go

When to Go to the Amazon Rainforest

Visitors to Ecuador that want to explore the Ecuadorian Amazon often have questions about the rainy season in the Amazon rainforest. They wonder when the best months to visit are...
December 23, 2020
Amazon Rainforest Trips 2021

Best Amazon Rainforest Tours and Lodges for 2021

After a year when travel has been curtailed for many for so long, people are excited for the adventure opportunities that 2021 brings. In 2021 visiting Ecuador’s Amazon rainforest lodges...
September 25, 2019
Amazon Rainforest Lodges and River Cruises

Amazon Rainforest Lodges vs. River Cruises

Amazon Rainforest tours are adventures by land and on the water that seldom disappoint. The Ecuador Amazon Basin is an explorer’s playground-home...
September 5, 2019
Why visit amazon Rainforest ecuador

Why you Should Visit the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest

The Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest is quite simply, a superb destination to visit. Sometimes it can be overlooked by visitors to Ecuador who are eager to get to the Galapagos...
August 12, 2019
Anakonda 4 days cruise

What to expect from a 4-day trip on board of an Amazon Rainforest Cruise

My name is Evelyn – I’m part of the Ecuador and Galapagos Insiders Team. Recently I was lucky enough...
June 12, 2019
Ecuador rainforest lodges

A 4-day trip to a Luxury Amazon Rainforest Lodge

If you’re thinking about taking a luxury trip to an Amazon Rainforest Lodge in Ecuador, you might be wondering what the experience would be ...
March 13, 2019
Tena Rainforest Town Guide

Tena Rainforest Town Travel Guide and Tips

Tena is sometimes known as the gateway to the jungle in Ecuador. It is a city that is easily accessible by road in Quito, and it is capital of the Napo Province...