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Best Galapagos Land Based Packages

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In Galapagos hotel based packages offer fantastic opportunities to see the islands while staying the on land, in the comfort of a hotel. Not everyone wants a cruise, and there are definite advantages to being based in one or two places. Organizing a Galapagos land-based package is very easy, and there are plenty of options for customization to meet your specific needs. This means whether you’re looking for relaxation or adrenaline, your trip can be tailored to you. From multi-sport adventures to relaxing and everything in between, you will be sure to find a trip that is just right for you. There is even a trip for those planning a honeymoon. It may help to know that we have a representative in the islands who works to ensure the smooth operation of your Galapagos hotel-based package. Booking is hassle-free and your trip can start any day that you would like. Here are some of the amazing options on offer to visit the Galapagos Islands.


Galapagos Multisport

For those that like to keep active one of the best Galapagos land based packages is our Galapagos Multisport Package. Unlike other Galapagos land-based visits, this trip specifically focuses on offering a range of activities that allow you to enjoy the best of the Galapagos landscapes and wildlife from different perspectives. One of the highlights is kayaking to the Tintoreras Islet off Isabela Island, taking in the range of land and sea life in the area. There is also an opportunity to hike the Sierra Negra volcano on Isabela Island. Snorkeling and biking are included on San Cristobal Island. While on Santa Cruz Island there is a chance to spot giant tortoises in the highlands, and there will also be a day trip to one of the closest islands for more snorkeling and hiking. You can start this trip on any day, and it is suitable for any time of the year.



Galapagos Classic

For many, a slightly less active vacation is what is on the cards, after a stressful 2020. The Galapagos Classic adventure offers exactly that, while allowing you to take in the very best of what the archipelago has to offer without going on a cruise, and the trip can start on a day to suit you, whatever the season. This eight- day trip is based on the islands of Isabela and Santa Cruz and allows you to see some of the very best visitor sites on these islands. Recognized as one of the most stunning beaches on Earth, a trip to Tortuga Bay is possible, and there are also possibilities to snorkel at the lava tunnels off Isabela Island. While based on Santa Cruz Island there are two days where you have opportunities to get further afield to explore the nearby islands. With beach time also factored in, you’ll love the chance to observe the amazing endemic flora and fauna while having a relaxing time too.

Galapagos Honeymoon Package

Honeymooners will be glad to know that the Galapagos offers superb opportunities or the most special holiday of their lives. Could there be a more magical place to spend your honeymoon? We don’t think so. This five day Galapagos Honeymoon Package is based on Santa Cruz in a stunning hotel, and includes trips to the highlands of Santa Cruz, to the Charles Darwin Research Station, to nearby islands, and to the most beautiful beach in the Galapagos – and maybe the world – Tortuga Bay. There is plenty of wildlife to see and lots to do, or you can simply opt to relax in the Galapagos sunshine… the choice is yours. Most options on this amazing trip are private, so you can enjoy your time together as newlyweds. On the final night, you’ll enjoy a fabulously romantic ocean-front dinner before heading back to the Ecuador mainland in the morning. You can start this tour on any day.



The Best of the Galapagos

If you are pushed for time but want to include the Galapagos Islands on your vacation you might like our Best of the Galapagos package. In just five days, you’ll get to hike, snorkel, swim and take in some of the amazing endemic wildlife in the archipelago, splitting your time between Isabela Island and Santa Cruz Island. Even the boat trip between the two islands is exciting, with the chance to spot dolphins or even whales, depending on the time of year that you visit. On Isabela, there are trips to see giant tortoises, flamingoes, iguanas, turtles, and rays. Snorkeling in the Lava Tunnels is an opportunity not to be missed and you might even spot sea horses! Back on Santa Cruz, you’ll take in the highlands and the Charles Darwin Research Station. This Galapagos land-based package can be run on any day of the year, and it can be tailored to your preferred level of comfort.

Amazing Isabela

If you prefer to spend your time in just one spot, you might consider a trip to Scalesia Lodge for your Galapagos adventure. Extremely flexible, this trip can operate on any day of the week and it can run for three, four and five days at any time of the year. The activities that you do may depend on the day that you arrive but might include hiking on Sierra Negra, visiting Los Tuneles, or cruising to the beautiful Tintoreras Islet. You might enjoy biking, kayaking, or snorkeling as all of these are possibilities on this customizable trip. The accommodation at Scalesia Lodge is a luxury tent camp, in a dense forest land setting spread across a large site, so there is plenty of privacy. The food here is simply divine too.



Pikaia Lodge

For visitors that would like to base themselves on Santa Cruz Island, the place to be is the fabulous Pikaia Lodge. The location is stunning, and rooms offer panoramic views, situated as they are on the top of extinct volcanic craters. What’s more, the lodge includes its own private wild giant tortoise reserve! Stays here can operate for any number of nights and can start on any day of the week. You’ll not want to miss the day trips on offer, to North Seymour Island, Bartolome Island, and other iconic Galapagos visitor sites. Visiting these islands is one the M/Y Pikaia I yacht, a treat in itself. While onboard you’ll have your own private air-conditioned cabin to relax in during the sailing time.

Insider Recommendations for Galapagos Land Based Packages

If you want to take one of the Galapagos hotel-based packages mentioned above, we are here to help. If you’re not sure quite what you want, we can help, and we can tailor your tour for you. We can organize your trip so that it ties nicely into an Ecuador mainland tour as well. Also, don’t forget there are plenty of cruises if you prefer to get out and see more of the various islands in the archipelago. As Galapagos experts, we are perfectly placed to help you with booking Galapagos Islands cruises.

Get in touch with us to get your Galapagos land-based package sorted today.

By Ecuador & Galapagos Insiders
By Ecuador & Galapagos Insiders
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