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Best Galapagos Tours for 2019

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The new year is fast approaching, and we are often getting asked, what are the best Galapagos tours for 2019? The good news is that many Galapagos tours, whether Galapagos Islands cruises or Galapagos land based options, are of a very high standard, so whatever you decide to do in Galapagos 2019, you very likely won’t be disappointed. However, we have worked to come up with the very best Galapagos tours for 2019, to give you a taster of the different possibilities available to you if you decide to visit. Here are our top picks for Galapagos visits in 2019.


Brand New Galapagos Boats for 2019

If you are looking for the best Galapagos tours for 2019 you might want to look into taking your trip on the newest boats to set sail next year. One such boat is the Elite which is targeted to set sail in the summer of 2019. This stunning yacht is noteworthy for the design of its windows that offer fabulous panoramic views. Meanwhile, on the boat’s “Sky Deck” there is a delightful hot tub and plenty of space to relax at the bar or lounge around after a busy day seeing all the Galapagos has to offer. Another of the brand new boats is the Queen Beatriz. The Queen Beatriz is a lovely luxury motor catamaran, which has an intimate feel about it, since it only has eight cabins. This Galapagos luxury boat boasts a hydro-massage Jacuzzi for four people as well as a lovely dining area and plenty of space on the deck for relaxing. If you want to see the Galapagos Islands in luxurious comfort, this may very well be the trip for you.



Other Galapagos Cruise Picks for 2019

If what you are looking for is the crème de la crème of Galapagos Islands cruises then there are plenty of Galapagos ships to choose from that might very well be considered the best for 2019. The Grand Majestic gets great ratings for being one of the fastest Galapagos ships, which reduces sailing time. There is plenty of space aboard this fine vessel, and the food comes very highly recommended too! The Infinity Cruise is another truly fabulous Galapagos yacht. It has a lovely design and each room has a private balcony. You can enjoy eating out of doors at its al fresco dining area, and the sundeck has a Jacuzzi, perfect for you to kick back and relax. Meanwhile, among the best Galapagos Islands cruises for 2019 for families is a trip on the Sea Star Journey. This boat is very luxurious, and it has fine panoramic windows, two Jacuzzis and a lovely sundeck. Unlike many other boats, it has kayaks that can be used by guests for free.


Galapagos 2019 Land Based Trips

There are a wealth of land based trips to choose from in Galapagos in 2019. For the most active folks who enjoy hiking, biking, snorkeling and kayaking, a Galapagos multisport land based package might be the best trip for you. However, there are also more classic packages and we can recommend the Best of Galapagos Hotel Package which offers the chance to stay at the western Galapagos Island of Isabela. On the other hand some might be looking for a romantic Galapagos trip where they can spend their honeymoon in Galapagos 2019. Based on Santa Cruz Island, a Galapagos Honeymoon Package offers hiking, snorkeling, wildlife and swimming as well as a chance to visit giant tortoises in the highlands area of the island. The most special holiday of your lifetime could get that little bit better still if you decide to honeymoon in Galapagos in 2019.



Best Galapagos 2019 Live Aboard Diving Trips

It is worth noting that most Galapagos Islands cruises do not offer diving, and to experience the best diving spots, it is often best to take a live aboard diving trip. One Galapagos boat that regularly ranks well for this, and that we expect to be among the best Galapagos diving tours in 2019 is the Galapagos Sky. The boat is relatively small, and it houses just 16 people. It has an environmental focus, trying to minimize its footprint as far as possible. Meanwhile, the Galapagos Master is considered to be among the best Galapagos live aboard providers for experienced divers. It offers an 11 day trip which provides the potential to visit more distant sites that other, shorter cruises simply cannot get to. The food is also well-recommended on this boat. Meanwhile, the Humboldt Explorer also makes our list because it is highly rated as a boat that works for both divers and non-divers alike. If you want your Galapagos 2019 diving trip to the be very best it can be, make sure that your live aboard ship visits Darwin and Wolf Islands. These are superb sites for diving, and will be sure to be a highlight of your trip – but not all live aboard boats will visit these remote spots.

Galapagos Islands Personal Preferences

Ultimately, the best Galapagos tours in 2019 for you will be the ones that are best suited to your personal interests and preferences. At Ecuador and Galapagos Insiders we can work with you to help you find the trips that will be preferable to you based on these interests and preferences. Some people do not have very good “sea legs” and for them, a Galapagos land-based option will very well be best, as it will minimize the amount of time spent on the sea. For others, going to a specific island might be important, or seeing a certain creature might be a preference, and in that case we can advise on the best boat for you. For some, the best Galapagos trips in 2019 will be those that are the most cost effective, and in which case it will be better to visit in some months than in others. Whatever your Galapagos 2019 needs, we can help you find a trip that will work for your vacation.

By Ecuador & Galapagos Insiders
By Ecuador & Galapagos Insiders
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