Itineraries & Activities at Pikaia Lodge

Pikaia Lodge Galapagos tours, or ‘exploration packages’ are personalized to individual preferences and desires. The all-inclusive exploration packages can be run on any start date, offering maximum flexibility to guests. Visitors to Pikaia Lodge spend their days aboard the yacht, or relaxing with the wonderful facilities of the lodge itself, while nights are all spent at the lodge. This, along with the stability of the yacht helps with avoiding sea sickness.

Pikaia Lodge Galapagos land-based tours may visit a number of different islands, centrally located in the archipelago. This keeps travel times short, allowing passengers to get the most from their visit. Islands/Galapagos visitor sites that may be included in the itinerary are Santa Cruz Island (where Pikaia Lodge itself is located), Bartolome, Chinese Hat, Sullivan Bay, Plazas, Santa Fe, North Seymour, Cerro Dragon and Eden, Mosquera and Bachas Beach. At these locations there is a chance to experience, photograph and enjoy an extensive range of Galapagos bird and animal life, including giant tortoise, sea lion, land iguana, marine iguana, Galapagos penguin, frigate birds, blue footed booby, Darwin’s finches, pelicans and much more. While snorkeling or swimming, the underwater world opens up and guests find themselves immersed in a tropical fish tank, with chances to see sharks and rays too. Aside from the water-based activities, guests can enjoy guided walks at the visitor sites.

Some of the main Activities at Pikaia Lodge

Depending on the season, highlights of a Pikaia Lodge exploration package may include:

Photographing and observing giant tortoises as they crash around the Santa Cruz highlands reserve.

Enjoying the comical mating dance and rituals of blue footed boobies on North Seymour Island.

Snorkeling with the playful sea lions which can happen at various Galapagos visitor sites.

Gasping at the iconic ‘Master and Commander’ scenery, overlooking Pinnacle Rock at Bartolome Island.

Experiencing and photographing volcanic formations and watching how the wildlife has adapted to make this home.

Relaxing on splendid, paradise beaches of a variety of colors, on any number of Galapagos Islands.

While aboard the yacht, the level of comfort is exemplary and unparalleled in the archipelago. Guests have their own private cabin with ensuite room for freshening up and relaxing on the boat. Alternatively, passengers may kick back in the hot tub or on the partially covered sun deck with its wet bar serving refreshing drinks. Breakfasts and lunches are served aboard in a buffet-style, providing tasty meals for all. Back at the Pikaia Lodge, a guest’s every need is catered for.

An outstanding level of personalized service is offered at the lodge, which is located with a stunning backdrop of the Santa Cruz highlands. With its own giant tortoise reserve, guests may experience these gentle giants within the 31 hectares of the site. All rooms have breathtaking views over the highlands and beyond, and some feature spacious balconies, terraces and gardens. There is also a pool room with its own plunge pool for cooling down on sunnier days. During relaxation time, guests may visit the infinity pool with its jaw-dropping panorama beyond, or pamper themselves within in the serenity of the Sumaq Spa. There are also lounges, a bar and the Evolution Restaurant for visitor enjoyment and relaxation.

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