Isabela II Galapagos Yacht offers three different itineraries

Itinerary Northern Islands
Isabella Galapagos Ship - Galapagos Cruise Ship - Itinerary Northern Islands
Day 1 (Tuesday) - SAN CRISTOBAL
AM: Arrival to San Cristobal

PM: Cerro Colorado

Hiking Wildlife Observation

Today we will transfer you from the San Cristobal airport to the port, from where you will board the Isabela II, your home for the week. After lunch and an introductory briefing, it is time for your first Galapagos visitor site, Cerro Colorado and the Tortoise Breeding Center. Located at the heart of a delightful forest, you can learn about the program here, and see the majestic giant tortoise close up.

Galapagos wildlife to look for: Giant tortoise, woodland birds, pelican.
Day 2 (Wednesday) - GENOVESA

AM: Prince Philip’s steps

PM: Darwin Bay

Hiking Snorkeling Kayaking Wildlife Observation

Today the first visit is to Prince Philip’s steps on Genovesa Island, for some hiking. The steps are steep, but the climb is short, and the terrain beyond this is flat. The birdwatching opportunities are fabulous. You can do snorkeling or kayaking here too. Later we can enjoy the sweeping Darwin Bay for beach hiking to spot a wide range of different sea bird.

Galapagos wildlife to observe today: Red footed booby, Nazca booby, mockingbirds, Darwin’s finches, gulls, herons, frigate birds, storm petrel, short-eared owl.
Day 3 (Thursday) - SANTIAGO
AM: Buccaneer Cove

PM: Egas Port

Hiking Snorkeling Wildlife Observation

Our first visit today is to Buccaneer Cove, a place of former rest for pirates, and a modern-day haven for sea birds. Here it is possible to snorkel or enjoy the view out of the glass bottom boat. At Puerto Egas we visit and walk along a fabulous black sand beach, learning about the past mining activities in this place, and viewing the rocky volcanic formations.

Galapagos wildlife to see: Sea lion, Galapagos fur seal, Sally Lightfoot crab, marine iguana.
AM: Espinoza Point

PM: Tagus Cove

Hiking Snorkeling Kayaking Wildlife Observation

At Fernandina Island this morning we take a visit to Punta Espinoza to experience the wildlife living in the seemingly barren landscape. This afternoon at Tagus Cove, there is some uphill hiking to visit the Darwin Crater, where there is a lake filled with saltwater. Later, it is possible to do snorkeling or kayaking along the coast at this site.

Galapagos wildlife today: Flightless cormorant, marine iguana, Galapagos penguin, hawks.
Day 5 (Saturday) - ISABELA ISLAND
AM: Urbina Bay

PM: Vicente Roca Point

Hiking Snorkeling Kayaking Wildlife Observation

This morning at Urbina Bay you’ll be amazed by the unusual exposed coral at this site. After some hiking at this spot, there is a snorkeling opportunity here. Later, at Punta Vicente Roca, we take a dinghy ride along the coast to explore lava flows and wildlife. After this there is snorkeling time at the cliff edge.

Galapagos wildlife today: Galapagos penguin, flightless cormorant, land iguana, green sea turtle.
Day 6 (Sunday) - RABIDA & SANTA CRUZ
AM: Urbina Bay

PM: Vicente Roca Point

Hiking Snorkeling Kayaking Wildlife Observation

The stunning red colored beach at Rabida Island is our first visit this morning. Here you can ride in the glass bottom boat or snorkel off the beach to enjoy the underwater life close up. In the afternoon we head to Dragon Hill on Santa Cruz Island. Here our hiking takes us up the hill and around a brackish lagoon. There are fantastic views along the trail, and you might even see some miniature dragons (land iguanas).

Galapagos wildlife today: Land iguana, marine iguana, mockingbird, Darwin’s finches, yellow warbler.
Day 7 (Monday) - BALTRA
Wildlife Observation

Today your Galapagos journey comes to an end. We will transfer you to the airport on Baltra Island. From here you can take your return flight back to the mainland and continue your onward journey.
Itinerary Central Islands
Isabella 2 Galapagos Yacht - Itinerary Central Islands
Day 1 (Monday) - SANTA CRUZ ISLAND
AM: Baltra

PM: South Plazas

Hiking Snorkeling Wildlife Observation

On arrival at Baltra Airport you will be escorted to Santa Cruz Island for lunch in the highlands. After lunch we visit Puerto Ayora. At Puerto Ayora we will head to the Charles Darwin Research Station where we can learn how conservation is managed in the islands and observe the giant tortoise breeding program here. Following the visit, it is time to board your home for the week, Isabella II Galapagos cruise, and enjoy a welcome cocktail and delicious first meal aboard the boat.

Galapagos wildlife you might see: Giant tortoise, land iguana, pelican, sea lion, Darwin’s finches.
Day 2 (Tuesday) - SANTA FE & SOUTH PLAZAS
AM: Santa Fe

PM: South Plazas

Hiking Snorkeling Wildlife Observation

This morning at Santa Fe Island’s white sand beach we can enjoy hiking along a trail to look out for sea lions and a variety of sea birds. We can observe the cacti vegetation, specifically Optunia Echios. There is an opportunity for snorkeling or a ride in the glass bottom boat. In the afternoon at South Plaza Island there is a lovely walk to enjoy along the shoreline and more unusual cacti.

Galapagos wildlife to spot: Land iguana, Galapagos hawk, blue footed booby, red-billed tropic-bird, rice rat, mockingbird, lava lizard, Galapagos snake, Darwin’s finches.
Day 3 (Wednesday) - NORTH SEYMOUR & SANTA CRUZ
AM: North Seymour

PM: Bachas Beach

Hiking Snorkeling Wildlife Observation

At North Seymour Island, bird colonies abound, and hiking along the flat trail we can observe various stages of the life cycle. We can also snorkel or ride in the glass bottom boat here. This afternoon at Las Bachas on Santa Cruz Island, we can learn about how military barges were abandoned on this beach after the Second World War. The beach is fabulous and has a brackish lagoon for birdlife behind it. Swimming and snorkeling may be enjoyed here.

Galapagos wildlife to look out for today: Coastal birds, including shore birds, sea lions.
Day 4 (Thursday) - BARTOLOME & SANTIAGO
AM: Pinnacle Rock

PM: Sullivan Bay

Hiking Snorkeling Wildlife Observation

Today we can enjoy the breathtaking scenery at Bartolome Island and photograph the spectacular Pinnacle Rock. Hiking to the top of the island there is a fabulous view, after which there is snorkeling or a glass bottom boat ride. Later, at Sullivan Bay on Santiago Island, there is a chance to enjoy the stunning white coral sand beach, to swim, snorkel or do hiking along a trail that passes through a lava field.

Galapagos wildlife to observe today: Galapagos penguin, heron, rays, Darwin’s finches, sharks.
Day 5 (Friday) - BALTRA
Wildlife Observation

Today we say goodbye to you as your Galapagos adventure ends. We will transport you to Baltra Airport for your journey back to mainland Ecuador, with memories that will last for a lifetime.
Itinerary Southern Islands
Galapagos Cruise Isabella II
Day 1 (Friday) - SANTA CRUZ
AM: Baltra

PM: Charles Darwin

Wildlife Observation

We will collect you this morning from Baltra Airport and transfer you to Santa Cruz Island. From here it is just a short ride to the highlands where we will stop for a delicious lunch. Following this, we’ll pay a visit to the Charles Darwin Research Station to take a look at the giant tortoise breeding program here and discover more about Galapagos Islands’ conservation. Later, we’ll transfer you to the Yacht Isabella II where your cruise begins with a Captain’s welcome cocktail and some dinner.

Galapagos wildlife to look for: Giant tortoise, land iguana, Darwin finches, pelican.
Day 2 (Saturday) - FLOREANA
AM: Post Office Bay

PM: Cormorant Point

Hiking Snorkeling Wildlife Observation

This morning we’ll visit Post Office Bay and learn about the still-functioning antiquated postal system in the islands that has been operating for centuries. Here we can also enjoy a swim and some snorkeling. This afternoon we’ll head to Cormorant Point, an unusual green-colored beach, with a lagoon right behind it, and where there is a short walk to another stunning white sand beach. Later, at Champion Islet there is snorkeling or a glass bottom boat ride.

Galapagos wildlife you could observe today: Flamingo, green turtle, mockingbirds, pintail ducks, frigate, hammerheads, mantas.
Day 3 (Sunday) - ESPAÑOLA ISLAND
AM: Suarez Point

PM: Gardner Bay

Hiking Snorkeling Kayaking Wildlife Observation

First up today is Punta Suarez, where between April and January, the waved albatross is present. Hiking to the blowhole we can see a great deal of wildlife along the trail. At Gardner Bay this afternoon there is time to relax at this stunning white sand beach. There is a chance for kayaking, snorkeling or riding in the glass bottom boat, to observe the marine life below.

Galapagos wildlife to spot: Sea lion, marine iguana, mockingbirds, Darwin’s finches, waved albatross, boobies, swallow tailed gulls.
Day 4 (Monday) - SAN CRISTOBAL
AM: Punta Pitt

PM: Cerro Brujo

Hiking Snorkeling Wildlife Observation

At Punta Pitt, San Cristobal Island we can enjoy some hiking along a trail from the beach which has superb views along the way. We can also snorkel here. Later, we’ll go to the Cerro Brujo Galapagos visitor site, which is a fabulous stretch of white coral sand beach. Here we can walk, watch birds and relax.

Galapagos wildlife to observe: Sea lion, frigate birds, shore birds, sea birds.
Day 5 (Tuesday) - SAN CRISTOBAL
Wildlife Observation

This morning your Isabela II Galapagos cruise comes to an end. We will transfer you to the airport on San Cristobal Island, and from here you can take your flight back to mainland Ecuador.

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