Integrity Galapagos Yacht offers two different itineraries

Itinerary Eastern - South, North & East Islands
 Itinerary Eastern Islands Integrity Galapagos Cruise
DAY 1 (Saturday) - SANTA CRUZ
AM: Baltra

PM: Santa Cruz Highlands

Hiking Wildlife Observation

You’ll arrive at Baltra Airport today and we will be there to pick you up in the morning and transfer you to the Integrity Galapagos yacht for the start of your cruise.

On board, you’ll be welcomed and shown your cabin, with a chance for some settling in time. After lunch we’ll head into the Santa Cruz Highlands to see giant tortoises in the wild, and to explore some fascinating lava tubes. There’ll also be the chance for a visit to the Charles Darwin Research Station to see the giant tortoise breeding program.

Galapagos Wildlife you might see today: Giant tortoise, Darwin’s finches, land iguana, sea lion, pelican.
Day 2 (Sunday) - ESPAÑOLA
AM: Gardner Bay & Gardner Islet

PM: Suarez Point

Hiking Snorkeling Kayaking Wildlife Observation

The stunning stretch of white sand that is Gardner Bay on Espanola Island is our first port of call today. Here there is hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, the chance for a dinghy ride, or just relaxing on the beach.

Later on, during hiking at Suarez Point we will see an array of Galapagos birds, including in the right season (April to December), the waved albatross.

Galapagos Wildlife you might see today: Sea lions, mockingbirds, lava lizard, Galapagos hawk, Nazca booby, blue footed booby, red billed tropicbird, waved albatross.
Day 3 (Monday) - SAN CRISTOBAL
AM: Pitt Point

PM: Witch Hill

Hiking Snorkeling Kayaking Wildlife Observation

On San Cristobal Island today we will first visit Pitt Point to the northeast of the island. Hiking here reveals cliff faces and ravines with excellent bird spotting opportunities. There is also snorkeling and kayaking here.

This afternoon at Witch Hill on the northern coast, this pretty white sand beach site provides hiking and snorkeling as well as kayaking.

Wildlife you can see today: Sea lions, Nazca booby, blue footed booby, red footed booby, storm petrel, frigates, Darwin’s finches, tropical fish.
Day 4 (Tuesday) - SANTA FE & PLAZAS
AM: Santa Fe Island

PM: South Plaza

Hiking Snorkeling Wildlife Observation

On landing at Santa Fe Island, we will explore the pretty bay via two hiking trails. One stretches from a beach to a cactus forest, and the other runs to a lovely clifftop viewpoint.

At South Plaza Island later on we can visit the steep cliffs and learn about the Opuntia cacti that grow on this island, while looking out for interesting bird life.

Galapagos Wildlife you might see today: Land iguana, Audubon shearwater, swallow tailed gull, Nazca booby, sea lion.
Day 5 (Wednesday) - GENOVESA
AM: Darwin Bay

PM: Prince Phillip’s steps

Hiking Snorkeling Kayaking Wildlife Observation

Fabulous Darwin Bay on Genovesa Island is our first stop today, with its possibilities for hiking, kayaking, snorkeling and taking a dinghy ride. The white sand coral beach is stunning, and the mangroves teem with life.

Later on, we move to Prince Phillip’s steps. After climbing these up the cliff a magnificent view can be gained, and the hiking provides bird watching possibilities.

Wildlife you might see today: Red footed booby, hammerhead shark, swallow tailed gull, Nazca booby, rays, sea lions, short eared lava owl, storm petrel, Galapagos dove.
Day 6 (Thursday) - SANTIAGO & BARTOLOME
AM: Sullivan Bay

PM: Bartholomew Island

Hiking Snorkeling Wildlife Observation

This morning at Santiago Island we head to Sullivan Bay, a Galapagos visitor site on a coral beach with a massive lava field beyond it. We can do some hiking, snorkeling and swimming here.

Later in the day, the stunning Bartholomew Island with photogenic Pinnacle Rock awaits us. Getting to the top of the island for the view takes effort but is well worth it. After the hiking, snorkeling is possible, among pretty fish.

Galapagos Wildlife: Rays, Galapagos penguin, reef shark, colorful fish.
Day 7 (Friday) - RABIDA & CHINESE HAT
AM: Rabida Island

PM: Chinese Hat Islet

Hiking Snorkeling Wildlife Observation

Our first visit for today is to the unusual bright red beach at Rabida Island. Here the volcanic landscape is fascinating, and we can explore it on a short hike. There is also snorkeling here.

Later in the day we’ll head to Chinese Hat, named for its shape, to view lava formations and enjoy some snorkeling and hiking on the island.

Wildlife you might see today: White cheeked pintail ducks, sea lions, Galapagos penguin, colorful fish, Galapagos hawk.
Day 8 (Saturday) - BALTRA

As this is your final morning on the Integrity Galapagos cruise it is time to say goodbye to the boat and the staff, and head to Baltra. We will transfer you to the airport, from where you can take your flight to the Ecuadorian mainland. You’ll remember your Galapagos stay fondly for a lifetime.

Galapagos wildlife to look for: Sea lion, pelican, frigate birds.
Itinerary Western - Western Islands
Integrity Galapagos cruises Itinerary Western - Western Islands
Day 1 (Saturday) - SANTA CRUZ
AM: Baltra

PM: Santa Cruz Highlands

Hiking Wildlife Observation

When your flight lands today, we will collect you and transfer you to the Integrity Galapagos Yacht. We will spend a little time here for settling into your cabin and having some lunch.

Later in the afternoon, we’ll pay a visit to Santa Cruz Island. We will first visit the highlands to look for giant tortoises among the lush green vegetation, and to visit some fascinating lava tubes. We will then visit the Charles Darwin Research Station to learn more about the tortoise breeding program in the archipelago.

Galapagos Wildlife you might see today: Giant tortoise, land iguana, pelican, sea lion, frigates.
Day 2 (Sunday) - FLOREANA
AM: Cormorant Point & Champion Islet

PM: Post Office Bay & Asilo de la Paz

Hiking Snorkeling Wildlife Observation

Waking near to Floreana Island, we will first visit Cormorant Point an unusual green colored beach which hosts a large lagoon, to look for flamingos and turtles. There is also a chance to visit Champion Islet for some snorkeling.

In the afternoon we can learn about and post mail in the Post Office Bay historical barrel-based postal system. There is also the chance of a short hike at Asilo de la Paz.

Wildlife you might see today: Flamingos, turtles, white cheeked pintail, common stilt, tortoise.
Day 3 (Monday) - ISABELA
AM: Moreno Point

PM: Elizabeth Bay

Hiking Snorkeling Kayaking Wildlife Observation

Our first port of call is Moreno Point, a fabulous birdwatching site with interesting tidal pools too. We can also do snorkeling and walk here.

This afternoon we will visit nearby Elizabeth Bay, on the east coast of Isabela. A dinghy ride will allow us to see the wide array of marine and bird life and enjoy some snorkeling.

Wildlife you might see today: Green sea turtles, white tipped sharks, flamingos, gallinules, pintail ducks, Galapagos penguin, blue footed booby, herons, rays.
Day 4 (Tuesday) - ISABELA & FERNANDINA
AM: Urbina Bay

PM: Espinosa Point

Hiking Snorkeling Kayaking Wildlife Observation

Next on Isabela we head to Urbina Bay with a chance for hiking along two trails as well as snorkeling. This is an interesting area geologically as the land experienced uplift in the 1950s, stranding marine life.

Later we visit Fernandina Island, and at Espinoza Point we can see the domineering La Cumbre volcano. This is a popular spot for Galapagos hawk nesting.

Wildlife: Land iguanas, giant tortoise, Galapagos hawk, rays, turtles, sea lion, marine iguana, Galapagos penguin, flightless cormorant.
Day 5 (Wednesday) - ISABELA
AM: Tagus Cove

PM: Vicente Roca Point

Hiking Snorkeling Kayaking Wildlife Observation

Back on Isabela Island we first visit Tagus Cove, and do some hiking up to Lake Darwin with its fabulous views. There is a snorkeling opportunity here.

Our last stop on Isabela is to the northwestern coast, at Vicente Roca Point for a lovely snorkeling spot and an excellent chance to see an array of marine life.

Wildlife you can see today: Galapagos penguin, flightless cormorant, sea horses Nazca booby, sea turtle, sea lion, puffer fish, rays.
Day 6 (Thursday) - SANTIAGO
AM: Egas Port

PM: Espumilla Beach & Buccaneer Cove

Hiking Snorkeling Wildlife Observation

On Santiago Island this morning we will follow a delightful coastline trail, spotting wildlife in tidal pools and grottos along the way. We can also snorkel here.

Later we’ll visit Espumilla Beach for some fabulous snorkeling, and Buccaneer Cove with its mysterious history of pirate life.

Galapagos Wildlife you might see today: Sea lion, fur sea lion, marine iguana, Darwin’s finches, oyster catcher, reef sharks, turtles, rays, octopi, Sally Lightfoot crab.
AM: North Seymour

PM: Bachas Beach

Hiking Snorkeling Wildlife Observation

At North Seymour Island, a flat trail leads us for hiking across the island, past nesting birds along the side of the path. Snorkeling is also possible here.

At Bachas Beach this afternoon there are some remnants of the US presence here during the Second World War, and there is also plenty of wildlife on this lovely swimming beach.

Galapagos Wildlife you might see today: Land iguana, marine iguana, blue footed booby, frigate birds, sea lion, rays, flamingos, Sally Lightfoot crab, black necked stilts whimbrels.
Day 8 (Saturday) - BALTRA

On this, your last morning with us, you can say your goodbyes to the crew and Integrity Galapagos yacht, and we will escort you to Baltra Airport for your home-bound journey.

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