6 Day Hotel Based Package

This morning you’ll fly into Baltra Airport and take your onward beautiful flight to Isabela Island. We’ll transfer you to Scalesia Lodge. After some time for lunch and settling in, your Galapagos adventure commences.

We’ll head to the wetland lagoons, the Giant Tortoise Breeding Center and the jaw-dropping beach at Puerto Villamil. Wildlife to look out for includes blue footed booby, marine turtles, giant tortoises, Galapagos penguin, gallinules, white cheeked pintail, common stilt and whimbrels.

Depending on the day and availability you can do one of the following:

Sierra Negra Volcano – a daring walk on this active volcano affords opportunities to spot wildlife, after which there is a chance to relax on the beach at Puerto Villamil. Wildlife to observe might be mockingbirds, Galapagos hawk, Darwin’s finches and flycatchers.

Tintoreras Islets – we sail to these beautiful islets for a chance to snorkel and take a short walk, after which we can visit the wetlands. Look out for marine iguana, boobies, herons, white-tipped reef shark and Galapagos penguin.

Wall of Tears – take a delightful trail past mangrove vegetation, brackish lagoons and Palo Santo forest, spotting wildlife along the way. Look out for Darwin’s finches, herons, giant tortoise, ducks, stilts and flamingos.

Today we’ll transfer you for your beautiful flight to Baltra, and from there we’ll transport you to Santa Cruz Island where your adventure continues. We’ll visit Los Gemelos, some fascinating lava tunnels and a giant tortoise reserve. There is a chance to see Darwin’s finches, pelican, sea lion and giant tortoise. Later, we’ll transfer you by water taxi to Finch Bay Galapagos Hotel for sundowners.

On this day with our land based package we’ll enjoy time on Santa Cruz Island visiting stunning beaches, as well as visiting the Charles Darwin Research Station. Kayak and snorkel, and see green sea turtles, sea lion, giant tortoise, pelicans, land iguana.

Based on availability we will be doing an exploration by yacht with also chances to do trekking, kayaking and snorkeling at one of these sites:

North Seymour Island / Bachas Beach – a birdwatcher’s paradise, here there is hiking with the chance to spot blue footed booby, and frigates. Look for fur seals and marine and land iguanas. Later, swimming and snorkeling at Bachas Beach.

Santa Fe Island – At this scenic beach, there is a short trail walk. Look for land iguana as well as Galapagos hawk, pelican, boobies and sea lion. Later there is snorkeling and beach time.

Bartolome Island / Sullivan Bay – a trail at Bartolome leads to the island’s summit with unrivalled views. There is also a visit to Sullivan Bay. Look for Galapagos penguin, sea lion and Sally Lightfoot crab.

South Plaza – enjoy a splendid walk along a pretty trail and spotting wildlife before some snorkeling time. Chance to spot land iguana, marine iguana, sea lion, Darwin’s finches.

Today you say goodbye to Finch Bay, as we transfer you back to Baltra Airport for your onward journey. From here you will fly back to mainland Ecuador, with happy memories and fabulous pictures to remind you of your once-in-a-lifetime trip.

8 Day Land Based Package

On arrival at Baltra Airport you’ll be escorted to your onward scenic flight to Isabela Island. After checking in at Scalesia Lodge, settling in and a delicious lunch, your first Galapagos visitor sites await!

This afternoon we visit the Giant Tortoise Breeding Center, wetland lagoons and the spectacular white sand beach at Puerto Villamil. At these sites, wildlife highlights include Galapagos penguin, blue footed booby, marine turtles, manta rays, giant tortoises, white cheeked pintail, gallinules, common stilt and whimbrels.

There are three possible exciting adventures that await on these two days, depending on availability:

Sierra Negra Volcano – this thrilling outing includes a walk around this volcano to view the interesting volcanic formations, and see how the wildlife has adapted to the evolving landscape. After the adventure of climbing the volcano you may enjoy some rest time or a delightful walk along the panoramic white sand beach at Puerto Villamil. Wildlife you may see includes Darwin’s finches, Galapagos hawk, flycatchers and mockingbirds.

Tintoreras Islets – at this stunning array of islets there is a short walk and snorkeling among the tropical fish. Later we head to the wetlands, for more wildlife spotting. Wildlife to look for includes marine iguana, boobies, herons, white-tipped reef shark and Galapagos penguin.

Wall of Tears – a lovely walk along a trail with varied vegetation takes us past brackish lagoons and mangroves to Palo Santo forest and the Wall of tears. Wildlife you may see includes flamingos, herons, giant tortoises, ducks, stilts, doves and Darwin’s finches.

In the morning you’ll transfer via another spectacular flight to Baltra and onward to Santa Cruz Island. You’ll see the fascinating volcanic formation of Los Gemelos as well as visiting a giant tortoise reserve and exploring mysterious lava tunnels. Wildlife you might spot includes giant tortoise, sea lion, Darwin’s finches, pelican, Sally Lightfoot crab. After your visit, we’ll transport you to Finch Bay Galapagos Hotel, at Punta Estrada where you can relax with a cold drink enjoying the sunset.

Depending on the day/availability you might enjoy any two of the following:

North Seymour Island / Bachas Beach – this excursion is a delight for birdwatchers in particular with chances to see the blue footed booby, Nazca booby, frigates, plovers, stilts and flamingos. On North Seymour Island there is some hiking, and we may also see land and marine iguanas, sea lions and fur seals. At Bachas Beach we can swim and snorkel.

Santa Fe Island – This trip takes us to a stunning white sand beach with its fascinating cacti vegetation. You may see a range of Galapagos wildlife including land iguana, sea lion, boobies, pelicans, Galapagos hawk, and maybe whales. There is relaxing on the beach and snorkeling in pristine waters.

Bartolome Island / Sullivan Bay – we sail to spectacular Bartolome Island known for its panoramic and iconic views from the summit. The trail to reach the summit rewards visitors with a fabulous view of Pinnacle Rock and beyond. After, we sail to Sullivan Bay. Wildlife may include Sally Lightfoot crab, sea lion, Galapagos penguin.

South Plaza – this site boasts tremendous wildlife, a delightful trail and some fabulous snorkeling. There is a chance to see sea lion, marine iguana, land iguana, Darwin’s finches.

In addition, on one of the days we’ll visit the Charles Darwin Research Station to learn about the giant tortoise breeding program and conservation. We will also visit Tortuga Bay, Playa Brava and Playa Mansa for snorkeling, swimming or kayaking. Look out for green sea turtles, giant tortoise, land iguana, sea lion, pelicans.

Today your Galapagos land-based adventure draws to a close. We will transport you back from Finch Bay at Santa Cruz Island and on to Baltra Island and the airport. From here you can take your flight back to the Ecuadorian mainland and onwards for the rest of your trip.

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