Beagle Galapagos Yacht offers two different itineraries

Itinerary North - West & North Islands
 Itinerary North - West & North Islands
DAY 1 (Tuesday) - LAS BACHAS
AM: Arrival to Baltra

PM: Las Bachas

Hiking Wildlife Observation

Baltra Island: The adventure starts here, the tour guide of the Beagle Cruise will lead us to the boat to start sailing.

Bachas Beach: This is a lovely and quiet beach, perfect for turtles to nest and to snorkel with playful sea lions.

Galapagos Wildlife you might see today: Flamingos, white-cheeked pintail ducks, and migratory birds.
Day 2 (Wednesday) - GENOVESA

AM: Prince Philip's Steps

PM: Darwin Bay

Hiking Snorkeling Kayaking Wildlife Observation

Prince Phillip's Steps: The lava formations of this site attract the unique red-footed boobie to nest, this is one of the few places where this bird can be found.

Darwin Bay: The stairway in this visitor site leads to the lookout point, from which is possible to see the huge cliff and the Darwin Lake.

Wildlife you might see today: Storm Petrels, Storm Petrels, Short-eared Owl, Lava Gulls, lava Herons, Swallow-tailed Gulls, Great Frigate birds and Red-footed Boobies.
Day 3 (Thursday) - SANTIAGO
AM: Puerto Egas

PM: Navigation to Isabela

Hiking Snorkeling Wildlife Observation

Puerto Egas: The trail in this site leads to the volcanic slat mine, passing through seasonal lagoons where is possible to see flamingos.

After lunch The Beagle will start navigating to the west side of Isabela Island.

Wildlife: Fur seal, flamingos, Galapagos hawks.
Day 4 (Friday) - ISABELA
AM: Punta Vicente Roca

PM: Tagus Cove

Hiking Snorkeling Kayaking Wildlife Observation

Vicente Roca Point: The nutrients of the water in this point attract many species of marine life, in season is possible to see whales.

Tagus Cove: The cove was a popular site among the whalers of the 18th century, some of their graffities can still be seen.

Galapagos Wildlife you might see today: Whales, dolphins, sea lions, tunas, Blue-footed and Nazca boobies, pelicans.
Day 5 (Saturday) - FERNANDINA & ISABELA
AM: Punta Espinosa, Fernandina

PM: Urbina Bay, Isabela

Hiking Snorkeling Kayaking Wildlife Observation

Punta Espinosa: This point is the only visitor point in Fernandina island, the most pristine place in the Galapagos and great to spot the flightless cormorant.

Urbina Bay: This site features an uplift of coral reef at sea level, in the arid zone is possible to see giant tortoises and land iguanas.

Galapagos you might see today: Giant tortoises, land iguanas, and flightless cormorants, penguins, sea turtles.
Day 6 (Sunday) - ISABELA
AM: Elizabeth Bay

PM: Punta Moreno

Hiking Snorkeling Kayaking Wildlife Observation

Elizabeth Bay: The bay is covered by red mangroves which makes is a great environment for turtles to nest. Here is possible to snorkel with penguins.

Punta Moreno: The lava formations on this site have left space for lagoons in the middle wher many bird species can be found.

Wildlife: Rays, flightless cormorants, penguins, pelicans, lava herons.
Day 7 (Monday) - ISABELA
AM: Sierra Negra and Breeding Center

PM: Port of Villamil

Hiking Wildlife Observation

Sierra Negra Volcano: The second largest caldera in the world, from the top of Sierra Negra, is possible to see the other 5 volcanoes on clear days. In the breeding center, we will meet several species of giant tortoises in all stages of life

Wildlife you might see today: Finches, two of the five subspecies of the giant tortoise.
Day 8 (Tuesday) - BALTRA
AM: Twin Craters

PM: Departure to Airport

Hiking Wildlife Observation

The Twins Craters - One next to each other, this huge pitts are covered with native vegetation. .

After this final visit, you will be transferred to Baltra airport in time to catch your flight back to the mainland.

Galapagos Wildlife you might see today: Vermilion Flycatchers, Short-eared Owls, the Galapagos Dove, and several finch species.
Itinerary South - East and South Islands
 Itinerary South - East and South Islands
Day1 (Tuesday) - SANTA CRUZ
AM: Arrival to Galapagos

PM: Charles Darwin Station Reserve

Wildlife Observation

Baltra Island: Arrival in Baltra airport, you will be greeted by the Beagle Galapagos yacht guide and some crew members.

Charles Darwin Station: A necessary visit to understand the conservation efforts of the scientists in the Galapagos and to see the different species of giant tortoises of the Galapagos.

Wildlife you might see today: Darwin’s finches, Giant Tortoises.
Day 2 (Wednesday) - FLOREANA
AM: Puerto Velasco Ibarra

PM: Punta Cormorant

Hiking Snorkeling Wildlife Observation

Puerto Velasco Ibarra: the smallest human settlement in the islands. Pirates, whalers, convicts and colonists inhabited this island in the 1920’s.

Punta Cormorant: Its green sand and flamingo lagoons make this visitor point a great experience.

Galapagos Wildlife you might see today: Pintail ducks, stilts, Large-billed Flycatchers, Flamingos, Rays.
Day 3 (Thursday) - ESPAÑOLA
AM: Punta Suarez

PM: Gardner Bay

Hiking Snorkeling Kayaking Wildlife Observation

Punta Suarez: The most popular place in the Galapagos for its reach wildlife, here can be found the largest colony of waved albatrosses.

Gardner Bay: The large relaxing beach and turquoise water. The Española mockingbird can be easily spotted

Wildlife you might see today: Blue footed-boobies, Galapagos Hawks, Española Mockingbirds, Waved Albatross, sea lions.
Day 4 (Friday) - SAN CRISTOBAL
AM: Punta Pitt

PM: Isla Lobos

Hiking Snorkeling Kayaking Wildlife Observation

Punta Pitt: This is the only place where the three Galapagos boobies can be seen; the red-footed, blue-footed and Nazca boobies.

Isla Lobos: Known for the large colony of sea lions residing there, it is also a great place to see the fur seals.

Wildlife: Red-footed, Blue-footed and Nazca boobies, Storm Petrels, Sea Lions, Fur seals, Frigate birds.
Day 5 (Saturday) - SANTA FE & PLAZAS
AM: Santa Fe

PM: Plazas

Hiking Snorkeling Wildlife Observation

Santa Fe Island: The main attraction of the island is the Opuntia Cacti forest where the Santa Fe iguanas can be seen.

South Plazas:This is the favorite place for the iguanas to meet, land and marine iguanas can be seen on the trail.

Wildlife you might see today: Red-billed tropic birds and swallow-tailed gulls, marine iguanas, land iguanas.
AM: North Seymour

PM: Bartolome, Sullivan Bay

Hiking Snorkeling Wildlife Observation

North Seymour Island: Here resides the largest colony of frigatebirds in the Galapagos.

Bartolome: in this spot we will get the perfect shot of the Pinnacle rock, the best landscape in Galapagos.

Wildlife you might see today: Frigate birds, blue-footed boobies, land and marine iguanas, green sea turtles, penguins and reef sharks.
AM: Chinese Hat

PM: Cerro Dragon, Santa Cruz Island

Hiking Snorkeling Kayaking Wildlife Observation

Chinese Hat: In this spot the snorkeling is amazing, it is possible to swing with sharks, sea lions and penguins

Cerro Dragon: Dragon hill is the most important conservation site in the Galapagos, as many iguanas have return to their natural habitat.

Galapagos Wildlife you might see today: Land iguanas, flamingos.
Day 8 (Tuesday) - BLACK TURTLE COVE
AM : Black Turtle Cove

AM: Departure from Baltra Airport

Hiking Snorkeling Wildlife Observation

Black Turtle Cove: The quietness of this spot makes it a great place for turtles to nest and sharks to rest.

Transfer to the Galapagos airport to end the journey on board the Beagle cruise.

Galapagos Wildlife: Sea turtles, lack-finned reef shark, the white-tipped reef shark, and the Galapagos shark.

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